Dangers of Ignoring Ceiling Maintenance

Did you know that you should have your ceiling inspected at the first sign of any of the following listed below? Having your ceiling inspected could save you thousands in replacing your ceiling. Watch the video from Daniel and learn how to prevent this from happening to your house.

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1. Have you ever heard a cracking sound coming from the ceiling?

2. Is your ceiling sagging or is the plasterboard sheeting and/or the cornice dropping?

3. Are there any cracks and/or small circles or blisters (nail pops) on the ceiling?

4. Is there water leaking from your ceiling?

5. When the last time you had ceiling maintenance?

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- Daniel Ludwig -

“ My family just moved in and I did see a small crack in the living room. I thought it was nothing until this disaster happens to us. I should’ve taken more care on my ceiling condition. Well, lesson learned! “

What happens when you regularly ignore ceiling maintenance?

This is an example of the hidden potential danger that comes from a neglected and poorly maintained ceiling. Usually, it starts with a small crack that gets increasingly longer and larger before resulting in a massive disaster to your house.

The Building Commission has warned people to raise awareness about the importance of ceiling maintenance. They have recorded many incidents of collapsed ceilings that have caused extreme damage to the house and severe injuries to the homeowners.

Ceiling sagging and cracking are two early symptoms that you need to be aware of, especially for houses that were completed in the past 10 or more years. Besides the age of the ceiling, leaking plumbing and storms are frequent contributors to ceiling collapse.

When a leak is present for a long time, the ceiling will be wet and that can lead to sagging and cracking. A water damaged ceiling must be fixed by a professional before structural damage occurs. This video from Daniel is proof that regular ceiling maintenance should be encouraged to ensure the safety of your family while at home.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Ceiling Regularly

Learn to recognise the problem and the causes of the ceiling condition.

Prolong the lifespan of the ceiling.

Cost-effective compared to replacing a new ceiling.

Avoid the time and hassle of cleaning the mess of damaged ceiling.

Maintain the originality of your house design.

Why Your Ceiling Cracks and Sags?

Other than what is mentioned above, ceiling sagging and cracking can be present for a number of reasons.

When the seasons change, so does the temperature. It is normal for the structure of the building to move, expand and shrink due to these temperature changes. Most of this is harmless but the movement will eventually affect the attached parts of the house including the ceiling, causing sagging and cracking.

Besides the seasonal changes, insects can be another reason for the ceiling sagging and cracking. The wooden structure of a building is an attractive place for white ants and termites to live and this can cause problems for the building’s integrity.

How to Fix It?

If it’s just a small cosmetic crack on the ceiling, you may be able to do it by yourself with the help of some equipment and an online tutorial.

However, it is always better to call professionals to check your ceiling, to prevent your sagged and cracked ceiling from getting worse. The experts from All Ceiling Repair will look for every possible hidden sign of a damaged ceiling, plus they’ll repair any existing issues with the right treatment.

Services You Need

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