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Perth Ceilings and roofs are often ignored and can hide a potential danger. Watch what happens when you leave a poorly maintain ceiling too long. Up to 70% of ceiling problems in Perth is caused by storms or simply poor workmanship. Over time your roof leaks can cause the ceiling to get wet, this make ceilings sag and it is important that these issues are rectified before structural damage occurs.  Ceiling Repairs Perth specialise in all roof and ceiling repairs of sagging or damaged ceilings whether they are gyprock ceilings, plaster-glass ceilings, hardiflex or lathe and plaster.

Our company is in Hamersley Perth Western Australia, so we are happy to service all of Perth Metro area. Our fully trained team can provide full repairs and restoration to most roofs/ ceilings including Gyprock, Hardiflex and plaster ceilings:

Signs of a cracked ceiling?

When you have noticed cracks, lines or brown staining? This is could be a symptom of more extensive damage from within your roof. Ceilings that are cracked may be superficial, particularly in any home, but there are many warning signs to look out for. These include cracks noises coming from your ceiling, sagging of the plasterboard, plaster pieces falling or dropping, continuous visible lines and the appearance of small blisters. Some ceiling cracks may only require miner maintenance for aesthetic reasons and reinspection the problem may be enough to ensure it doesn’t get any worse.

If your ceiling does need to be repaired, early intervention is key to a cost-effective solution, without the need for an entire ceiling replacement. Minor earthquake tremors, sinkholes, soil movement and a settling home do not generally cause significant structural damage. However, cracked foundations, sloped flooring and sagging ceilings are more serious issues which should be fixed as soon as possible. When performing any ceiling work, we recommend always consulting with a qualified professional to avoid any complications. At WA Ceiling Fixers, no job is too big or too small and we are available to answer any questions and provide you with a thorough ceiling repairs Perth. Please contact us today.


Where possible we can prop your sagging ceiling, we re-screw them right back to the ceiling joists and we patch neatly over the screw holes. Then we sand the lot down. Our electric sander is connected to a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. When we finish, the ceilings are ready to paint. If the ceilings are badly damaged, we pull them down and replace them. Painting and Decorating: Many people are too busy to paint their walls or their ceilings once we have finished and they ask us to proceed with the painting.


Up to 70% ceiling damage is water damage from rain or leaking pipes, sagging ceilings can get worse over time and become a safety issue for your family. Repairing a sagging ceiling should only be done by experienced experts as it is important to ensure that the roof structure is still sound. The ceiling itself needs to carefully removed in sections and the supporting walls and roof structure repaired. Once the supporting structures are repaired and the cause of the issue solved, we then systematically rebuild your interior ceiling matching the original design and integrating any existing cornices.


Floating Bulkhead are a structure that is separate from a ceiling roof or walls. For example, you have your main ceiling, and then have a floating bulkhead suspended underneath the ceiling with the option of lights coming from above the bulkhead giving a halo effect.

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