Ceiling Cornice

ceiling cornice

When it comes to ceiling cornice repair and replacement, here at All Ceiling Repairs, we have the know-how, skills and expertise to help identify, fix and decorate your ceiling so by the time we finish with it, it is as good as new. As well as ceiling cracks and ceiling replacement, we also have a wealth of experience in fixing plaster cornice.

Ceiling cornice are type of decorative moulding that will provide extra security and strength to the ceiling structure and wall surface. Unfortunately they are not so resilient and when the ceiling cornice gets damaged it can be indicative of something much serious and can lead to further issues if left unresolved, poses a safety risk and it will look unsightly.

Just like you will have the number of a reputable plumber or electrician at hand, it is also a good idea to have the number of an established, well-respected and reliable ceiling repairs in Perth and for that you won’t get better than All Ceiling Repairs. When it comes to fixing plaster cornice and ceiling cornice installation, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who can vouch for our service. We are experts in our field and are reliable, friendly, prompt and can finish the job with limited time and without any fuss.

Ceiling Cornice Repairs

Fixing plaster cornice takes skill and experience. We know just how to fix old, damaged or worn cornices or match cornices to ensure a smooth and seamless finish. We can fix your plaster, or Gyprock cornice making sure your new cornice fits in perfectly with the rest of your ceiling and if you want, we can even replace your existing ceiling cornice with a brand new one to give your room a fresh, new look. We have a great array of different designs ranging from ultra- modern to traditional styles.

Cost Ceiling Replacement

There is no need to worry about the cost of ceiling replacement Perth because we keep all our rates highly competitive and we offer free advice and information so you can make an informed decision. Sometimes it may seem like a better idea to take the lead in fixing plaster cornice yourself. But ceiling cornices can be difficult to patch up and may need replacement entirely. Furthermore you could be patching something up without dealing with the underlying cause, not to mention the safety risk you are putting yourself in. Calling in the experts in this field will actually save you time, worry and money in the long-term and at All Ceiling Repairs, that’s our aim.