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One of the most eye-catching features of many heritage homes and businesses is the ceiling rose. Plaster ceiling roses that have been used to create a sense of grandeur throughout the years. As statement pieces in their own right, ceiling roses immediately create a sense of luxury in a room. When it comes to installing and repairing ceiling roses, only the best will do. Our team at All Ceiling Repairs are the ones can trust, with extensive expertise and quality workmanship, we can give your ceiling an elegant upgrade with our quick and cost-effective solutions. To find out more about ceiling roses in Perth, contact our friendly team today at 0402153061.

What are ceiling roses made from?

Plaster is the most common material ceiling roses in Perth are made from traditionally though other materials like brass, tin and chrome are common enough as well. Recently, however, there has been a shift towards the use of alternative materials like polymer-based products. This shift has occurred for a few reasons. Firstly polymer-based products aren’t as fragile as plaster ceiling roses are and the flexibility of the material allows for roses that are moulded more intricately. The resulting rose is also lighter and can be installed more easily. However, many people find the polymer roses to lack the traditional charm of their plaster counterparts and they can be viewed as less genuine. As such, the best ceiling for you is really down to individual preference.

Type of Ceiling Roses

Ceiling roses vary greatly, with designs ranging from traditional to modern, very simple to highly elaborate. Sometimes they are used as the sole feature and other times they are paired with a variety of other ornamental features like ceiling cornices Perth or architraves. When considering the addition of ceiling roses in your home it’s important to consider when the home was built. Authentic design that is era-appropriate tends to add more value to heritage homes than modern touches. If you have any questions regarding the kind of ceiling rose that would best suit your property, just give our friendly team a call at 0402153061.

Ceiling roses repair and installers in Perth

If you have an old home with plaster roses in Perth, you may be in need of some restoration work. Whether a mould is taken of the original so it can be replaced, or a fresh new look is preferred, we can handle repair and installation of all kinds. Our ceiling contractors fit ceiling roses onto both new and existing ceilings and can repair roses that are damaged or blemished in any way. Whether this is the first time you are choosing a ceiling rose, or you are looking to give a new lease of life to your heritage home, our team know how to help create high-quality decorative ceilings in Perth.

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Our professional team are the top ceiling installers and replacement in Perth. If you’re looking for a rejuvenated plaster ceiling rose in your old home, a brand-new polymer installation, or something completely different, we are the ones to call to make it happen. Our professional team is happy to offer their expert opinion on the designs and styles available to you and is always willing to answer any questions you may have. So, stop waiting and add that wow factor to your home by getting in touch with us today.

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