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When it comes to having to repair a hole in the ceiling, it can be tempting to fix the problem yourself. After all, you have a tall ladder and some plaster that you can use to fill the hole. Paint it at the end and the job is done, right? While it may seem like the cost to repair the holes in ceiling is too high to even contemplate, this DIY solution can actually cost you a lot more in the long run.

Why There are Holes in Ceiling

It doesn’t matter how many YouTube videos you watch on ‘How to repair a hole in ceiling’ or look at Wiki, the point is unless you know exactly what you are doing the job is not going to be as straightforward as it seems.

  • For a start, you will need to ensure your ceiling doesn’t contain asbestos which is a highly dangerous chemical that you must not go near.
  • Secondly, you will need to invest in many materials that you won’t necessarily have at hand, such as drywall tape, drywall knife, primer, safety wear, paint, textured ceiling spray and much more.
  • Thirdly, getting that professional seamless finish so it looks like your ceiling is as good as new is definitely much harder than it looks.

Sure it can seem like plaster ceiling repair will be too expensive, take too long and is too much hassle but here at All Ceiling Repairs, we are experts at getting the job done quickly, professionally and at a price that’s right for you.

There are numerous reasons for holes in the ceiling. It can be due to storm damage, water damage or even pushing your foot through the rafters when tidying the loft! Either way, it is best first and foremost to identify the cause of the hole and deal with that first. Leaving it may result in further, more expensive and time-consuming problems down the line.

Hire Professional to Fix Holes in Ceiling

That is why it is best to leave the job to the experts in ceiling repair Perth. We take into consideration the cost to replace ceiling Perth, the holes in the ceiling and factor in the type of ceiling, the scope of the damage, the time it will take to fix it and the finishing. We use only the best Gyprock plasterboard materials, will clean up as we go along and leave you with a flush finish so good, that you won’t even know where the hole was!

As Perth ceiling fixers we can talk you through your requirements and work with you every step of the way so you know exactly what we are doing and why. Our pricing is highly competitive and our service is outstanding. Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and is why we have such a great reputation for delivery.

In short, when it comes to repairing a hole in the ceiling, don’t DIY, don’t call in a regular handyman and don’t ignore it. Give All Ceiling Repairs a call and we will come to you, carry out a full and detailed inspection of the problem and a no-obligation quote.