How to Repair Cracks in Plasterboard Ceiling

Plaster cracks can appear in our homes either on the plaster ceiling or wall. In addition, you can find cracks in internal walls, cornices, or plaster joints above the doors and windows. Some of the reasons why plaster cracks appear in homes are due to house movement or poor building quality. The highly skilled professionals at All Ceiling Repairs will share with you ways to repair ceiling cracks and provide you with the best gyprock ceiling repairs Perth.

Best Way to Fill Cracks in Ceilings

Step by step on how to repair ceilings

  • Firstly, it’s vital to remove any crack with a Stanely knife or spatula to gouge out any overlapping of the plaster sheets.
  • Next, use paper tape and cut it to length to cover the join. It’s vital to use paper tape since it will strengthen the joint instead of mesh tape that will gradually tear.
  • Make a mixture of cornice cement plaster by adding water progressively to the powder while mixing until you have a smooth paste. Cornice cement is the best since it dries faster and more solidly. You can also use a base coat that takes a long time to dry, thus providing more time to spread the mixture evenly.
  • Apply and spread the mixture evenly over the join, then carefully place the paper tape over the mixture. Use a spatula to distribute and remove any excess mixture from the joint evenly.
  • Use the remainder of the plaster mix to evenly cover up the paper tape and remove any square edges formed by the tape.
  • Scrape any high edges of the dried plaster with a spatula and apply a top finishing plaster coat to the join. The finishing plaster is very smooth and soft and usually takes some time to dry up; thus, it gives you plenty of time to work with it.
  • When applying the top finish coat, cover the first plaster mix evenly and spread the final coat past any edges. By now, the coat has dried completely and is ready for light sanding using sand paddles with paper or sanding blocks. Slowly run your hands over the join and if you feel any unevenness or roughness, apply some more finish coat to the uneven areas and sand accordingly. After completion, now you are ready to paint the undercoat and the two topcoats.

Get Professional Ceiling Cracks Repair

When cracks begin to reappear after a plaster ceiling repair, it becomes a concerning situation that requires immediate inspection. This could be a sign of structural damage or water damage to the plaster ceiling, usually caused by a leak in the roof. It would be best to seek help from a professional ceiling repair to investigate the issue and provide an amicable solution. If they find any possible structural damages or ceiling cracks, they will find the best way to fill cracks in the ceiling and solve any structural damage issues.

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