Plasterboard Ceiling Repair

plasterboard ceiling repair - plasterboard ceilingWhen it comes to high quality and reputable tradespeople, they can be difficult to find. Many companies like to charge higher prices but use cheaper materials and that is why many people prefer to undertake certain jobs themselves. Whilst there are many tasks that you can easily do to save yourself some money, fixing or replacing a ceiling certainly shouldn’t be one of them! These things take a great deal of knowledge and skill to apply but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be heavily out of pocket. Here at All Ceiling Repairs we use only the best tried and trusted brands in all the work we undertake, ensuring complete value for money.  When it comes to plasterboard ceiling repair and replacing ceiling plasterboard, our number one preferred brand is Gyprock. Specializing in Gyprock ceiling repairs we have a wide range on hand including soundproof and water-resistant and believe that we can offer the premium finish you’re after at competitive prices and that’s why we’re number one in ceiling repairs in Perth.

What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard, also referred to as drywall is a commonly used building material used in internal walls and ceilings as well as plasterboard ceiling repair. It is a simple, effective and relatively cheap material that is easy and quick to install. Once installed, you can decorate the plasterboard any way you like including painting or wallpapering over it, tiling it or even rendering it.

Why do you use Gyprock?

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to plasterboard ceiling repair, Gyprock is our preferred brand. That is because replacing ceiling plasterboard by its very nature can be brittle and this makes it susceptible to breakages and cracking which is probably why you need your ceiling replaced in the first place! Additionally, if plasterboard comes into contact with a large amounts of water such as flooding or heavy rainstorms it can cause mould which will spread rapidly and again, will likely need replacing. Unlike its cheaper counter-parts, Gyprock however has a strong reputation and is well known for its durability and quality meaning as a customer, you get a longer-lasting result.

At All Ceiling Repairs, our Gyprock ceiling repairs service guarantees that you get the best quality and value as well as outstanding customer service. We are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to plasterboard ceiling repair and replacing ceiling plasterboard, All Ceiling Repairs are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. We can talk you through what you need and can offer complete ceiling repair in Perth without costing you extra time, money, and hassle.